I’m Simon Cowell and this is American Idol

A couple of years from now, aspiring singers will no longer have any need of reality shows like American Idol and, God willing, The Next Pinoy Pop Superstar.

We will no longer need the projections of the oft inebriated Paula Abdul or the dawg-laden remarks of Randy Jackson as to who they think the next world class singer is.Filipinos here and abroad don’t have to pimp their kababayan, who’s in the running for some pop star title, through old school media.

You and me. We will be our own judges of what we want to hear, and for how much we will hear it.

And do take note that when I say will, I mean in the very near future. Or in Internet language speak–now. Music that is richer–in so many ways–than the mainstream artists of today offered in the Internet either for an unbelievably small fraction of your average CD price or for free. Music that is slowly gaining appreciation and made by ‘regular’, or should I say indie artists of today.

These are people who don’t go begging major media channels for mileage. They have it all under control, through music blogs Jamendo, social networking sites like Myspace, music streaming sites like Last.FM, and many other channels that music industry giants never deemed possible a few years, perhaps even months, back.

I’ve always loved music, and a paradigm shift such as this is just too overwhelming for me not to share. So allow me to rave, and be my own Simon Cowell, sans the accent.

1. Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe’s amazing voice and self-written songs put singers like Hannah Montana to utter shame. I used to like Hannah Montana pre-hormonal stage, but to imagine that she’s ahead of Allison Crowe in terms of popularity and traditional media placement is just unbelievable.

Then again, Allison Crowe has made waves in different indie sites and have even been sought for interviews one too many times. What makes her albums so interesting is its raw touch, with minimal to no adjustments at all.

2. The Johns

I came across The Johns as I was browsing through a site I worked for. I didn’t expect anything from this band that branded their music as alternative. I love alternative (and I’m highlighting that in bold), but The Johns made me listen to an all new side of this fairly vague music category.

They’ve bee offering their music online for free, and I tell you–the album is just miles better from the albums you’d buy for at least five dollars… coughKCConcepcioncough. While you’re at it, don’t forget to listen to Comfortable, Green Collar, Sun for Days…I could go on forever. Did I mention it’s free?

These are just two artists from the sea of bands and singers that I personally screened, being the critical Simon Cowell that I am. After all, this is the Internet. And this is my own American Idol. Except that, well, I’m not American.


12 thoughts on “I’m Simon Cowell and this is American Idol

  1. somehow, when i picture you being Simon Cowell, it just reduces me to… laughing. HAHA.

    kidding aside, i agree that the Internet has changed music from what we knew 5-10 years ago. Artists (real, talented artists) can just market themselves online without having to succumb to major label constrictions and so on. The Internet is their stage, and the world is their judge.

    And I’ll check out those new artists you mentioned. Hurray for Alternative πŸ˜€

  2. Man-boy, why didn’t you recommend Allison Crowe to me?

    And ooooh, I see photoshop work in your header! Omedetou gozaimasu!

    • Woot! Why would I? Hahahaha.
      Whatd you just say? I’m neither my aunt nor my annoying cousin who keeps on saying “Yada”, “Iyaaa” and other garbled words. :/

  3. Music is one of the best examples of peering and sharing on the Net,and while there are countless Western examples, I wonder if you also know some Pinoy artists doing the same route. πŸ™‚

    by the way, i’m checking out The Johns when i get home. Can’t play it here in this cafe where they play old school music that makes me want to sleep.

    • Oooh. As much as I don’t want to admit it.. I am not fond of Filipino bands. 😦 Except UpDharmaDown. Hehe.

  4. I’ve always thought you love love love Hannah Montana. Turns out you have a new flavor this month. πŸ˜›

  5. I originally wrote a real long comment but my comment wasn’t published. Blame my “brother.”

    Everybody can be like Simon Cowell with the Internet.

    I’m addicted to my MySpace and blip.fm. Makes music within reach. I need not spend or go to the ends of the earth just to listen to my favorite songs.

    BTW. I’m liking the johns. πŸ™‚ try listening to Anya Marina… you might like her.

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