Communication–Then, Now, and Tomorrow

Remember when we were in class and didn’t stop bitching about the disadvantages of the broadcast model of communication? Somewhere in my vague memory, I even remember reciting about the disadvantages of traditional media–print, radio and broadcast. And it’s not just me–most classmates of mine didn’t think the former trio worked for them anymore.

If you weren’t in that class… well, fyi, we did bitch a lot. We talked mostly about the disadvantages of the broadcast model of communication once too often… and glorified the phase of social media for all its worth.

Not a Contradiction

I’m not about to oppose whatever bitching that transpired in the class, because doing so will make me contradict myself. Not to mention that it would make me look as if I lambasted trimedia just to have something to say in class. 😛

The truth is, trimedia doesn’t work all that much for me anymore. I rarely watch television (except, probably, on August 15, when I’ll be appearing on National TV for the first time!); I find reading newspapers and magazines a bit boring; and, the last time I listened to the radio… I don’t even remember.

Sometimes, though, I forget. I forget that however primitive and impractical trimedia may be right now, it did serve its best purpose back at its time. That exact realization made me and my groupmates want to focus on the positive effects of each communication tools back in its time. That’s why we decided to emphasize in our video just how invaluable these forms were back in its time.

Everything and Anything

The latter part of the video, though not wonderfully executed, highlighted the shift of how much conversations have changed. And it’s not just conversations–the Internet has enabled us to perform a plethora of tasks that we used to be able to do only in real life: earn money online, purchase products, meet new friends, publish self-serving news, and so many more. It’s amazing.

I still stand by what our group stated in the latter part of the video: everything has just begun. We have yet to know just how far the Internet and the computer will take us. It’s quite silly to imagine what will happen in ten years or so, when even the unimaginable and totally surprising happen in a few months’ time.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I–we– ought to just sit and wait. If anything, we should be vigilant, adaptive, and ever ready to communicate. Surprising though the innovations of may be, we must not brace ourselves for the change; if anything, they should be valued, embraced, and loved.

I know I do.


3 thoughts on “Communication–Then, Now, and Tomorrow

  1. this vlog showed that that bitching in class against traditional media need a little bit of grounding. i laud the group for bringing out the ‘good’ in traditional media from a social perspective.

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