Change, the Internet and Me

I remember one of the first few questions Sir Barry asked the class: How much have you changed in the last ten years? At that moment, I literally couldn’t force an answer out of myself. I never liked personal questions about myself:  I hate digging deep in me to find out what my favorite songs or hobbies are–as well as being asked to describe myself. So I didn’t even try.

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Really Now, What is Organizational Communication?

As I sat there ready to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I couldn’t help but feel amused at the Vic Sotto’s question: What is Organizational Communication? It was the one question I’ve been asked for the most part of my past four years in college. It was the same question I almost always answered in autopilot—to freshmen, to clients, to internship interviewers, to my mom’s amigas, to high school batchmates, to relatives, and to so many other people who’ve gone in and out of my life in the recent past.

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