Getting that Dream Job through the Internet

Employers googling your name to run a background check on you? Prospective supervisors looking at your Facebook to check your private life? We’ve all heard of it at one point or another. In fact, I’ve already written an article on that for a client who wants some perspective on just how important your accounts in social networking sites are.

By now you should’ve already noticed how most articles like these focus on prevention. What they’re telling you, basically, is that you should be careful about what you say in the WWW–everybody, and I mean everybody, can get their hands on it.

The Internet can stop you from getting that dream job of yours, but can it actually help in getting you  a job? The answer is too easy to answer with a yes, but how, exactly?

1. Put your CV online.

By putting your CV online, I don’t mean having it uploaded in some job search website like JobStreet. Wear it proud for potential employers to see–in your corporate blog (much like this one!), your LinkedIn profile, or freelancing profile.

Personally, the simple act of having my CV posted in my blog earned me at least two potential clients–the other one wants me to work starting Monday. If you can’t get employers offline to look at the CV you passed with hope and sweat, you can actually get employers online to look at your competencies and even hire you

2.  Bring your cover letter to the Web.

Just look at what this guy, Alec Biedrzcki, did. He posted a cover letter online. What he posted was no ordinary cover letter. He penned a song, stressed his competencies, used the repeating chorus to stress the highlights of his resume, and, needless to say, got himself a job.

In fact, he even got interviewed in CNN more than once for having started a novel trend: creating cover letter videos. This particular video, in fact, has had almost 15,000 views! That’s not the end of it: he got himself a lot of interviews and job offers.

Video resumes are also becoming increasing popular. People like Gary and David realize this and are doing something about this. With more and more employers in the Philippines googling a potential employee, there are fat chances for your video resume or cover letter video to be seen. If they don’t, let online employers have a look at it! It’s a win-win situation.

3.  Create a website outlining your competencies.

One or two pages of your resume don’t give justice to how steadfastly you’ve studies in the past years. It might not even be enough to show them just how competent you are with a few projects and samples to prove that.

So why not create a website, where you have the liberty to decide what to show and what not to show to your employees? Look at this one: Al, as he wants to be called, made a clear division of his competencies and samples to back it up. For a Filipino version, look at what a good friend of mine, CSJ, did. This website contains his portfolio.

I admit, coming up with a website is hard and laborous. I myself have been trying to work on my own for the past months. When I come to think of it though, the labor I’ll be putting on a website is nothing compared to the priceless value of having employers know that you’re in the forefront of the Internet’s innovations. Don’y you think?


10 thoughts on “Getting that Dream Job through the Internet

  1. I like this entry! I’d explicate how much I like this entry, but I had a conversation with a friend a while ago that worries me: what about data security? Identity theft online is too easy, even with just bits from your resume. 😥

    1. Well, I’d remind you about the fact that we live in a borderless world, where almost information is public (like your contact details :P), but you can always take off your contact numbers. Which I see you’ve already done. Hee.

  2. smart advice even for professionals. 🙂

    like i said for a wiki, you can ask previous employers or current clients to log on to the account and post their testimonials about your work, with a link to their website or email. so your website is not just a repository of your work, but a marketing tool for your personal brand.

  3. Well, yeah. I agree. Blogs and other things are often times taken for granted, but it’s a good way to start building and developing your skills. Who knows, some people might just hire you because you have a really good website! 🙂 ~hailey~

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