How Filipinos Drew Humour out of Ondoy

When Filipinos were tagged as humorous even in the direst situations, I honestly thought it was just one of those qualities Filipinos would claim as exclusively theirs when it clearly wasn’t.  I had the chance to truly verify that claim when Ondoy came–tragic as the typhoon might have been , it was one of those times when certain Filipinos took the opportunity to relax a little and lessen the tension that characterized everything related to Ondoy.

More than the spirit of volunteerism evident in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube among many others, there were also jibes and jokes that, I admit, even I couldn’t help but laugh at.

I’m amazed at how Filipinos can still laugh and manage to be witty despite this adversity.

Here are six shots of  Filipinos at humor:

1. What’s the next big thing Kanye will interrupt?

Kanye and Ondoy
Kanye and Ondoy

2.. …or what will the Iskolar ng Bayan (me, included) rally for next time? 😛

Isko laban kay Ondoy
Isko laban kay Ondoy

3. Filipinos love telephones, noted.

What most Orcom students were probably asking their profs
What most Orcom students were probably asking their profs
4. While Mikey was out drinking, guess what our President had in mind.

Only in the Philippines!
Only in the Philippines!

5.  The opportune time for a swimming competition, indeed.

6. Lastly, my favorite blog’s take on a celebrity, Tim Yap.

Tim Yap celebrates for Ondoy victimsTim Yap and his fundraiser

What about you? Did you try to draw comic relief out of Ondoy?

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to mock the aftermath of Ondoy. Rather, it aims to show the spirit of Filipinos during this hard time.


3 thoughts on “How Filipinos Drew Humour out of Ondoy

  1. o btw, my officemates and i are fans of GTM too. witty, funny, well-written posts. i like the Marian Rivera items. LOL.

    1. ooh. My favorite was the spelling test of Marian back in Grade 2. Ig for egg, benane for banana. Hahaha! Classic 😛

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