Stopping Social Media from Stopping You


We’re young, we’re crazy, and we’re restless.  Unfortunately, these three qualities most of us, young people, have are anything but helpful when it comes to using the Internet, particularly social media.

Would you believe that whenever I leave my Facebook for a few (and by few, I mean 3-5 minutes) minutes, my Facebook will have about 20 new posts screaming to be read? If you are my friend in Facebook, then your status update is probably one of those. Equally bad: my Twitter, Multiply, Plurk—even my Friendster account—are all equally clogged by updates minute after next. And yeah, some of those posts are pleas to be liberated from the throes of the social media.

What’s worse is, I read most if not all of them. Sad.

Social media addiction?

Not really. While most people (including me) haven’t reached this supreme stage of social media addiction, where you ‘do every quiz there is’ or ‘lose everything’, I certainly know a lot who feel as if they’ve been enslaved by social media.

Social media does have its perks and benefits but, admit it, it can be a little more tha…subjugating. If, like me, you want to stop social media from stopping you from doing more necessary and urgent tasks–say, doing your thesis–then help me count the ways:

Lose the unnecessary

First things first. Make sure your task bar is whittled down to the bare necessities; no unnecessary windows. Close the folder containing photos you’re planning to upload. If you can’t sign out of your instant messenger, then go invisible or tick that busy symbol.  Doing so will even make your computer function faster, since less memory will be consumed.

Microblogging is the bitch.

Plurk, Twitter, Facebook–these are only some sites where you microblog. Guess what? You’re spending a lot of your time waiting for people’s tweets and replies that may never come. Set a time for microblogging. Too harsh? Maybe you can begin by microblogging, then closing the window immediately after. Check the updates and replies later.

Resist the urge to play

Thankfully, Facebook games are as good as unchartered territories to me.  Others are in a lot more depressing situation. Mafia Wars and Restaurant City are just some of the games you love playing. Work before play is a good saying to live by, for starters. Just close the window and stop playing.That way, you get rid of the guilt and actually start working on more productive things.

No Youtube, please

Youtube is one of the most time-hogging websites that can stop you from getting work done. Once you watch a video, there’s little possibility for you to even multitask. After watching a video, I bet you’ll watch a video response or a related video. How about not visiting Youtube in the first place?

So, when can you access your social media sites? Here are a number of suggestions:

  • Set a schedule for accessing social media sites.
  • Reward yourself with social media.
  • Find your ‘work momentum’. Then don’t stop.

Like you, I’m just starting to stop social media from stopping me. I’m just as guilty whenever I don’t get any work done or end up not fulfilling important tasks.

So, tell me, what steps will you take to stop social media from stopping you?


4 thoughts on “Stopping Social Media from Stopping You

  1. I am also thinking of a way to stop myself from SNS addiction. I become unproductive when I don’t close my tabs. I like your suggestions! 🙂

  2. here are the few things i do (though not step by step):
    a. limit my tabs to only: my dashboard (where i get my source of news and gossip and everything in between), my blog, email, and FB account. I don’t open any other site or tab until I have finished everything that I can read from these must-visit sites for me.
    b. limit my surf time at night by reminding myself that i will nurture healthier pimples if i dont
    c. i contact my college pals who aren’t new social media addicts

  3. The best possible solution would be to possibly get as much work that does not need the internet done offline and then open your browser if absolutely necessary.

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