Mispriorities and a thank you note

I couldn’t say this semester was the hardest–in hindsight, I’ve gone through worse. Harder subjects, much more demanding professors, and really exhausting challenges were all factors that made previous semesters technically more difficult.

Still, none of them compared to the fail of this one.

I can’t remember any other semester where I exaggeratedly questioned the need to get high grades.  Or the need to fulfill one’s requirements in favor of finishing a long due article for a client.

I don’t remember any other semester where I felt more burned out, which I though I know all too well. Apparently not.

Or a semester where I was just too tired to fight for survival, much less for myself.

When my professor told the class off for underperforming, not living up to the expectations and all the big things that basically directed to the fact that we were a disappointment, I all at once knew that I was part of that possibly big picture. I knew long before then that I was whittled down to the pathetic pits of mediocrity.

I just lost that integral ingredient called passion along the way. And I never went back to pick it up. How did I lose it? I can point to a plethora of instances–all of which unnerving and debilitating in one way or another–but pointing them out will neither solve nor alleviate the damage.

Losing that ingredient meant losing a lot of other smaller things: losing the will to blog regularly as promised, to finish what’s been started, to not be late (or to sleep too much!!), to train, to dutifully work for clients, to care about what I used to care about, etc. There’s just too much to do.

So when the same professor told us that losing in the battle is okay, so long as we’re doing what makes us happy, I had to take a step back and marvel at the devastation of it all. By then, it was not a pretty sight, but a sight I was nevertheless trying to rebuild. The rebuilding, it was all too apparent, came in late.

In the end, I lost one huge battle (and no, it’s not this battle)  I’d been struggling in for far too many months–in favor of something much more beautiful, less self-serving, and ultimately inspiring.

The underlying point, and perhaps the only piece of matter that directly concerns you, is my gratitude. This is an entry for anyone who read or came across my blog posts, which, in more ways than one, were an offshoot of who I am. Thank you for those who deliberately searched for my blog, who searched for the keywords that fit in my entries, and went here for whatever purpose you have. The end of grading the blogs is over, but I intend to have this blog for keeps.

After all–and I know this all too well from the many battles I lost this semester–losing is gaining.


4 thoughts on “Mispriorities and a thank you note

  1. My, oh my! Been there, done that!

    I did worse when I was there. You’re lucky you were able to identify your passion. I learned it the hard way but when I started getting in the groove, I tried remembering the feeling. Yes, the feeling of knowing what you’re passionate about.

    There will be times like this, not just once but it will come once in awhile and times like that, I try remember how I felt when I understoon my passion.

    You did not lost my friend. You just found another way on how to lose it and you will never do that again.

    • That made me think. Yes, you’re right: I intend never to fail the same way I just did. So yeah, that’s another lesson learned and another path I will not take again.

      In the end, the passion to do things you love the most really counts best. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. this will happen to you more often that you’d wish—losing a little bit of the grip and slipping away a few steps back then struggling to regain position. i’ve always believed that we are given these “pit stops” to slow down so that we can rethink what really matters to us, recharge and then head on again.

    passion never dies, arvin. it just needs some refuelling.

    • Hi Sir! The timing of my pit stop was as bad as it can get, but I’m glad I managed to pull through anyway.
      I’m not sure the “tank” of my passion is full, but I’m getting there. 🙂

      Thanks for the sem, sir! 🙂

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