Rogue and Manila Collegian: How Print Media is Engaging New Media

One of the strongest messages that resonate in today’s new media age is this: print is dead. After all, the most basic function of print—to provide information to its receiver—is undermined by new media.

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The Internet doesn’t just hand over information from senders; it also allows receivers to send their own messages as well. But you already know that: if you’re reading this, then you’re experiencing it. You’re a receiver and sender of messages in the Internet yourself!

With the overriding function of the Internet, just how is the print media managing to survive? While some argue that print will continue to live simply because ‘old habits die hard’, most foresee the impending death of print media a few decades, even years from now.

I’m not just about to join the debate on the perceived lifespan of print. Instead, I’m going to provide you with two case studies: two newspaper organizations that rely on print for profit. Or more for survival, actually.

1. Manila Collegian

Manila Collegian is the official student publication of the university I’m studying in: University of the Philippines Manila. Recently, it has taken concrete steps to reach students of UP Manila and interact–especially since the Collegian is written by students themselves.

So, the question is, how exactly does the Manila Collegian manage to reach students like me, if it reaches them at all?

2. Rogue

Google Rogue magazine and the first hit you’d get is the website of an intriguing magazine–Rogue.  Rogue magazine’s biggest challenge, so it seems, is how it could beat the already congested lifestyle magazine market. When magazines like FHM and Uno are more top-of-mind when it comes to men’s mags, how does Rogue manage to thrive?

The answer, you’ll see, is in the strategy of Rogue in  new media.

So, do you think the new media strategies employed by both organizations are effective enough? Do you think they reach its respective target audiences? Are there tactics they can just do away with?

Most importantly, will they belong to the unfortunate movement that gives truth to the notion that print media is dead?


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