Freelance Writing for a Dirt Cheap Price?

One thing I regularly do when I’m online is to check different websites where freelance writing services are bought and sold. If you’ve been in the freelance writing market as long as I have, then you probably know the sites I’m talking about–,, and so much more.

Underpaying Clients

To say that there are a lot of freelance job markets is an understatement. I’m not kidding; I think I’ve come across hundreds already.

What concerns me, though, is a growing trend across these sites: freelance writing services for a dirt cheap price. What do I mean? 400- to 500-word articles that are priced at usually 2$. If you’re even unluckier, you’d be given a dollar for an article!

I’d dismiss this as an effect of globalization–there’s an increasing supply of freelance writers from all over the world. Literally.

Holding Your Ground

However, I feel the need to caution others, even myself, that selling one’s writing services for that small a price should never be an option. These articles aren’t easy to create. They involve research, proofreading, and sometimes even a few cups of coffee, right?

I think a massive movement of freelance writers is in order. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be sold short, considering the costs of offering freelance writing services. It’s not just about the electricity your laptop consumes; you’re also sacrificing your time for yourself, your friends, family, and–which is probably the clincher–your time.  And we all know those things can’t be taken back.


4 thoughts on “Freelance Writing for a Dirt Cheap Price?

  1. I can say that you are so right. But I must admit that I accept clients who pay $1 to $2 per rewrite which unfortunately sometimes become original articles warranting my research. Sometimes I do not know if they are co-freelancers trying to get someone else to do their jobs for them. By experience though, those who advertise $6 per article of 300-500 words do not pay so I have been wary of them. At least the underpaying clients are true to their word. Then again, since I saw that there is not much lucrative business in this field, I think I will join one of those companies that actually give a fixed monthly salary. The cheap articles did one thing for me though – exposed me to the world of online writing.

  2. a dollar for an article doesn’t seem right to me, knowing the process behind writing. so yes, don’t settle for less; i’m quite sure you can find some other clients that can pay commensurate the time, talent, and resources you pour into every article.

    may 2010 bring you more moolah from high-paying clients. 🙂

  3. freelance writers have different motivations for considering low paying jobs.. One dollar can be immaterial for some writers while for others, it can be a temporary relief for a hungry stomach.

    This is the reason that I respect every writer for their decisions to take low paying projects. Of course, high paying gigs will always be the best preference

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