Facebook Spams and Scams, and What You Can Do About It

Like most evils in the world, Facebook spam exists because we allow it to. Although Facebook’s taking spam-generating accounts and posts seriously, you have to be responsible as well and stop being an accidental agent of Facebook spam.

Believe me, this is a lot more difficult than it sounds, and assuming that you’re two steps ahead of these sneaky scams might be the biggest mistake you’ll make. After all, behind these spams and scams are hackers whose preoccupation is to create ingenious ways of breaching Facebook’s admittedly flawed security system. I learned this the hard way myself, after being blindly lured into clicking a link on iPhone 5.

The advanced techniques used by these spam-generating accounts call for more information on how to stop spams and scams in Facebook. WhileMashable provides a quick guide to this, there’s simply more that could be said about the matter.

Do not click links from unquestionable sources.

Your News Feed probably abounds with links that reel you in. You can’t be blamed for wanting to click these links. Don’t you want to know who’s viewing your profile? Aren’t you the least bit interested in finding out what Osama Bin Laden was doing when he was shot? If you just stop and think carefully before clicking a random link, you’re going to realize that it’s spam all by yourself.

Another way to find out which links are spammy is by taking a quick look at how many people are posting the same links with lame, one-liner captions such as “amazing”, “this is cool” among other generic responses.

 Do not authorize random apps to access your profile. 

One of the best features that made Facebook so popular is its apps; virtually anyone can make an app and put it up in Facebook. But this is also the bane of the most popular social networking site, as most people have used this to create the most vicious and intrusive Facebook spams.

It’s not wrong to play a game or two in Facebook, ask for dating advice, or be a little too addicted to Facebook apps… but when you see this window, you should stop, breathe and ask yourself:  should I really permit this app to access my information?

This is why most accounts end up spamming other people. By allowing a potentially spam-generating app to access your account and post on other people’s walls, you become a spammer yourself.

The remedy isn’t all that complex: you should simply go to your Privacy Settings, click on Apps and Websites, and deny the app from accessing your profile any further.

The complete guide to eliminating Facebook spams is by no means complete–nor will it ever be. As long as hackers find new ways of getting into your account, you can’t ever be too sure that you won’t be a victim of Facebook spam. What do you do to eliminate spams in your Facebook?

This blog entry is also posted in the iMark blog.


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