Did you miss the Billboard Awards?

There’s no use crying over spilled milk. If you missed the Billboard Awards for whatever reason (such as you falling asleep or being totally ignorant that there’s such a thing as the Billboard Awards!), Billboard wants to assure that you can catch up. Thanks to the the social media accounts of Billboard.com in full swing, you can experience the Awards as completely and richly as if you were in the event itself.

A Quick Look at the Winners

A quick visit to the Billboard Awards 2011 spread will take you to a quick summary of what took place: among the winners in their respective categories are Eminem (Top Artist), Taio Cruz (Top Hot 100 Song), Justin Bieber (Best New Artist), Taylor Swift (Top Country Album), Mumford & Songs (Top Rock Album) and Justin Bieber (Top Social Artist).

Justin Bieber also won Fan Favorite. There are a lot of negative comments thrown against Justin Bieber, but his success in the recent years simply can’t go unnoticed. With sold out tickets in his world tour concerts, millions of followers in Twitter, and a 3d movie made about his success, it’s not surprising that he’s the Top Social Artist, yes? Check out the other winners and finalists in Billboard’s website.

Social Media Use at its Best

What makes this year’s Billboard Awards unique is not its winners and performances, but its maximization of social media as the awards show is going on. For some the stream of tweets and Facebook posts can be annoying, but for the many who simply can’t stay tuned to the awards, it’s a welcome innovation.

Not only do the Facebook and Twitter accounts give real time updates of who the winners are, they even post articles right as the awards are being doled out. They even posted a performance of Britney Spears and Rihanna right after it was aired on TV!

Britney and Rihanna performing in the Billboard Music Award 2011

Billboard.com is really stepping up their game. This is a refreshing move, as most players in the recording and music industry have simply given up. With companies like Billboard.com pulling all the stops, maybe the music industry is not about to crash down.

What did you think about Billboard.com’s social media efforts? Did you join the conversation?

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