iMessage in iOS 5: The End of Paid SMS?

Apple recently announced the release of the iOS at WWDC. Touted as the most advanced mobile operating system, the iOS 5 has more than 200 new features. From brand new features like the Notification Center and the iMessage to updated ones like the Safari browser and the Photos app, the iOS 5 will give Apple fans with an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generations, the iPad and the iPad 2 something to look forward to this coming fall.

New Features will make the Apple Device a lot easier to operate

Among the standout features of the iOS 5 is the Notification Center, Twitter integration, and “independence” from MAC and PC. The Notification Center contains all notifications across all your apps, texts, email messages, new friend requests and many more. They will no longer interrupt you while your working on an email or playing your favorite game.

The Newsstand is where all your subscriptions will automatically go. Once new issues of your favorite magazine or e-book has arrived, you won’t have to scramble through your apps to find your newspaper or magazine. As Twitter is integrated into the iOS 5, you can tweet from anywhere–your Photos, Safari, Youtube, and even the Maps.

Also for the first time, the iOS 5 is totally free of the PC or MAC. That means you can take the Apple Device right off the box and set it up wirelessly. Software updates can be downloaded through the device itself, and you can store your files in the iCloud.

iMessage to give telcos a run for their money

The most interesting feature, though, is the iMessage. The messaging service allows the owner to send unlimited text messages to anyone else with an iOS device, using Wi-Fi or 3G. The service allows unlimited exchange of photos and even videos. The new iMessage works like the Blackberry Messenger, working realtime for iOS devices. With this feature, there’s no virtually no reason for iPhone or iPad owners to keep their messaging plan. Looks like telcos have something to worry about.

Already, the web is buzzing with rumors and news on the new iOS. There have also been reports that the iOS 5 has been hacked.  And hours after the unveiling of the new iOS 5, it has still consistently been trending on Twitter.

Everybody has an opinion regarding the new Apple product. What’s yours?


This blog post can also be read at iMarkcomm’s Blog.


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