Google Shuts Down Google Health and PowerMeter

Google has decided to pull the plug on its two products, Google Health and Google PowerMeter. When Google Health was announced, its goal was to consolidate people’s personal health information and allow them to integrate it with other health domains, such as, DiabetesHealth, and American Heart Association among many others. The service allows such information to be available not only to the user but also to his friends, relatives, and even doctors.

Another innovative Google product, the PowerMeter is aimed at letting people understand the energy usage of their household or their mobile lives. With the information, it can help a consumer reduce his energy consumption by as much as 15%.

In its blog, Google proudly touted both projects a success. The PowerMeter has paved the way for smart meters and energy-saving devices, where states are finally taking energy conservation seriously. Google Health, on the other hand, has become a popular and powerful tool among health buffs, dieticians, and nutrition experts.

Despite the breakthroughs of both services though, Google says that they weren’t able to achieve the results they wanted and create the impact they were aiming for. Although both products were respectable and successful in their own ways, its progress was quite slow that Google has decided to discontinue them.

PowerMeter can be accessed until September 16, 2011.  Google Health, on the other hand, can be downloaded on January 1, 2012. Until January 1, 2013 though, users have the option of downloading their information.

Several Google Health fans have expressed their dismay over this disappointing news. Google Health, according to Dr. Halamka, was crucial in unlocking a new facet in doctor-client relationships, without which many patients would keep on hiding vital health information from their doctors.

The shutdown of both products is indicative of the way Google works: that there’s no slowing down for a company that’s on its way to dominating the Internet. Products that couldn’t keep up, even the ones Google itself created, would be left behind and abandoned. Several social networking sites have been forced to shut down or re-invent its approach. This is simply how the Internet works: a service must either adapt or close down altogether if it’s unable to provide a unique experience to users.

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