Hi! I am Arvin, a lawyer by profession. I was admitted to the Philippine bar in 2015, and has since been practicing law in the areas of TMT (telecommunications, media and telecommunications), mergers and acquisitions, and civil and commercial litigation.

I have advised on e-commerce, data privacy, online banking, online gaming, net neutrality, and technology transfers. I also teach law, and have taught Legal Writing, Labor Law, and Intellectual Property Law in university. Currently, I am a postgraduate student taking up Master of Laws in the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Law School, a ranked university with a sturdy reputation for academic research and law. I am specifically interested in technology law.

As a lawyer in a field that outpaces my profession at a constant pace, I have seen how stakeholders–especially regulators–encounter difficulty making distinctions, identifying the applicable rules, creating the proper regulations, and applying a reasonable framework that balances competing interests. While I do not claim to hold all the answers, I seek to understand, and contribute my thoughts on the various corporate law issues that we face today.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Arvin,

    I run a website in the UK. I’ve taken a look at your blog and i’m keen to know if you’d like to work with me on a long term – regular basis?

    I need a copywriter – and you’re apparently “The Best Freelance Content Writer, Blogger, and SEO Expert – Freelance Technical Writer, Philippines”

    If you’re interested, can you email me and we’ll progress things.


  2. Hi! Yes, I know you. I first saw you during the DebSoc application process last year (I did not push through with the process, by the way). I only knew of you being an OrCom major just recently, and I think I saw you during the OrComBustion acquaintance event.

    Your blog is interesting, too—even more interesting and efficiently updated than mine. I would be glad to exchange links with you. See you around UPM!

  3. Hmm.. just wondering why you moved to wordpress when blogger offered more in terms of widgets? It’s nice to know you’re in the online writing/freelance-sort-of field, a field I have recently ventured forth. From someone who’s had 2 years experience, how do you find it?

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