The writer is Arvin Kristopher Asistio RazonArvin Kristopher for short, and Arvin for shorter.

He had  always wanted to be a creative artist. At about 6 years old, his discovery of being bad at coloring cut his drawing career short and only enabled him to produce about 600 make-believe Pokemon characters and 73 imaginary Dragonball descendants. It has also enabled him to fail in at least one drawing competition. The failure in the said competition launched him to about seven days of depression and a lifetime (as of writing) of self-doubt. Beyond such self-doubt, however, he was able to successfully create memorable comic characters during high school. The characters were collectively known as The Smashers and were recognized by four other people, all of whom co-produced the series.

Education and Affiliations

As a recourse, he invested in other forms of art, taking up BA Organizational Communication in UP Manila as his undergraduate degree. He would conveniently forget that he made the decision on this investment on a road in Taft Avenue, when his mother threatened him to decide a course in college, or forget college at all.

In college, he gained different learnings about Public Relations, academic writing, communication theories, the social sciences, linguistics, and organizations–aside from being occasionally miserably late.

Upon entering college, he would be an ethusiastic and giddy kid, joining the organizations UP Manila Debate Circle, Junior Marketing Association, Organizational Communication Society, and two others that he would rather not have in his folio all at once. He dropped the two others at some indefinite point in time. Two years after, he joined UP AdHere, an organization for which he has yet to have a significant contribution.

Online Writing

He also forayed into online writing after his first year in college. He made the decision to do such when he applied for a company that he still works for up to now. In this company, he gained thorough knowledge of the dynamics of online writing for a dirt cheap 1$ per article (No, I am not kidding.).

He later on gained sufficient knowledge and practice on search engine optimized (SEO) articles , company profiles, brand reviews, web content articles, academic papers, and many other pieces meant for online consumption.

Future Plans

Arvin’s plan is simple: to stress himself twenty four hours a day–not without reason, of course. He plans to earn as much money (which he sometimes refers to as monneh or munny or important ‘things’ among many others), succeed in life, spend  the last days with his one true love. Above all, he plans to retire at a young and tender age.

He is, by the way, an occasionally devout Roman Catholic.

  1. Martin Smith


    I run a website in the UK. I’ve taken a look at your blog and i’m keen to know if you’d like to work with me on a long term – regular basis?

    I need a copywriter – and you’re apparently “The Best Freelance Content Writer, Blogger, and SEO Expert – Freelance Technical Writer, Philippines”

    If you’re interested, can you email me and we’ll progress things.


  2. diencastillon

    Hi! Yes, I know you. I first saw you during the DebSoc application process last year (I did not push through with the process, by the way). I only knew of you being an OrCom major just recently, and I think I saw you during the OrComBustion acquaintance event.

    Your blog is interesting, too—even more interesting and efficiently updated than mine. I would be glad to exchange links with you. See you around UPM!

  3. Hmm.. just wondering why you moved to wordpress when blogger offered more in terms of widgets? It’s nice to know you’re in the online writing/freelance-sort-of field, a field I have recently ventured forth. From someone who’s had 2 years experience, how do you find it?

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