Welcome to Arvin Razon’s Empire!

I am excited. Shamelessly excited, as a matter of fact.

From the moment my professor, Sir Barrientos, gave the class his syllabus for the course Communication Trends and Style until the end of the period, I couldn’t help but squirm with excitement: we were having a subject on new social media!

I wasn’t excited because I was a social networking frenzied boy, but because the subject opened up an ocean of possibilities I always knew was out there. I couldn’t help but think that this subject was the exact impetus that I needed in order to get my online writing skills jolted to life.  After all, the thought of getting closer to that dreadfully low grade is probably the only kicking I need to, well, jolt me to life… next to losing money, of course (Blame it on my Ilocano upbringing. Hehe).

Looking back, I could only remember snippets of my professor’s orders. I was in la la land thinking of different, although a bit related, things: the unfinished courses in internet marketing, the niche blog I’ve always planned on creating, the unread lessons in search engine optimization, the clients that always asked for my writing samples, the personal websites of other freelance writers I’d feel jealous of…. all the frustrations pent up in the 2 years that I have been freelance writing online.

In other words, I had a self-serving purpose. The website I always wanted to put up would finally materialize, I thought to myself.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  There is, after all, a thesis to start (and finish), a semester to overcome, a whole lot of projects (a definition: purposely vague) to work on, and an academic year to survive.

And, currently at the top of it all, an aspect of social media to explore, understand, and blog about!

So, Sir Barry, OrCom batchmates, online and offline friends, would-be clients, Google searchers (Google Adwords shall be my friend!), and anybody else who stumbles upon this yet undeveloped piece of a site: welcome to Arvin Razon’s Empire.

You see, there are a lot of reasons why my excitement is warranted. :>