Don’t Even Think of Corporate Blogging!

To say that blogging is one of the best features of the Web 2.0 will be an understatement. Not only has blogging enabled normal Internet users like me to document whatever selfish details of their lives are for all the world to see, it has also handed a challenge to companies. That challenge can be summarized in two words: corporate blogging.

In all honesty, I haven’t read a single decent corporate blog in the Philippines. There. I said it. I’ve heard about the best corporate blogs there are and that includes Dell’s and BBC’s. There are even CEO bloggers likeĀ Craiglist‘s Craig Newmark, who surprisingly have the time for corporate blogging. But no, not in the Philippines. Our lecture in corporate blogging made me realize how it is nearer to talking with people than it is to achieving organizational goals. That said, Philippine companies should be brave enough to face the fire and try corporate blogging; they’ve listened long enough. Why not let us listen to what they have to say?

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