Did you miss the Billboard Awards?

There’s no use crying over spilled milk. If you missed the Billboard Awards for whatever reason (such as you falling asleep or being totally ignorant that there’s such a thing as the Billboard Awards!), Billboard wants to assure that you can catch up. Thanks to the the social media accounts of Billboard.com in full swing, you can experience the Awards as completely and richly as if you were in the event itself.

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Rogue and Manila Collegian: How Print Media is Engaging New Media

One of the strongest messages that resonate in today’s new media age is this: print is dead. After all, the most basic function of print—to provide information to its receiver—is undermined by new media.

Credits to threeminds.organic.com

The Internet doesn’t just hand over information from senders; it also allows receivers to send their own messages as well. But you already know that: if you’re reading this, then you’re experiencing it. You’re a receiver and sender of messages in the Internet yourself!

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Social Media in the Philippines

Have you ever wondered how many Filipinos are as active as you are right now in the Internet? That’s exactly what Universal Mccann had in mind. In fact, the organization conducted a social media study covering 29 countries (in Wave 3*) and 38 countries (in Wave 4**), both of which include the Philippines. In fact, Universal Mccann shows how Filipino Internet users grew from 3.3 million to 4.2 million in about a year—the different between Universal Mccann’s Wave 3 study (completed in March 2008) and Wave 4 study (completed in March 2009). By March 2009, the Internet has reached 21.5% percent penetration in the Philippines.

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Change, the Internet and Me

I remember one of the first few questions Sir Barry asked the class: How much have you changed in the last ten years? At that moment, I literally couldn’t force an answer out of myself. I never liked personal questions about myself:  I hate digging deep in me to find out what my favorite songs or hobbies are–as well as being asked to describe myself. So I didn’t even try.

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